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Rachel experiments with video as a light source as well as using it as a storytelling device.

She began incorporating video in her work to push the boundaries of her visual craft.

By using projections and video surfaces, she utilizes a variety of textures, colours, and shapes in conjunction with her lighting design to create a cohesive, unified vision.

She has experience in making creative captions for accessible theatre, BSL, and enjoys playful typography.

Video Design Show Reel


Earshot is currently in development with Hot Coals Productions. This selection of content is from our R&D presented and supported by the RADA Festival.

"For this piece, we wanted to place a deaf actress in the role of Doyle who hears 'too much', in order to explore the similarities in social isolation between deafness and hyper-hearing and to play with bringing the two ends of the 'hearing spectrum' together on stage.


EARSHOT is Hot Coals Theatre’s most ambitious project to date, and will combine, spoken word, creative captions, projection and Visual Foley." - Hotcoals Productions

R&D Video Samples

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