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"strong lighting design from Rachel Sampley"
Anna James, The Stage


"Rachel Sampley’s lighting works gorgeous effects, by turns frenetic and moody...capturing the colourful mania of Gatsby’s parties"
Arifa Akbar, The Guardian


Rachel Sampley's lighting and video design capture some staggering imagery throughout.
Creative Reviews UK, 3/2/2020

The lighting and video design by Rachel Sampley is beautiful, using different colours and levels of intensity to vividly portray mood. The videos of the girls projected onto the suitcases and the sheet on the washing line are very well animated. 
This Is Radelaide, 25/2/2020​


As my eyes adjusted, I took in the steel frame around the stage with a tangle of wires and lights underneath: a neural web. The set, sound and lighting are almost a third character in this immaculate production. 

UK Theatre Web 3/11/19


“Carefully paced and lit with considerable care by Rachel Sampley.”
Maryam Philpott, The Reviews Hub 


“Rachel Sampley’s stylish lighting turns the dense smoke in the room into an ambient force that alternates between the dreamy and the nightmarish.”
Mert Dilek, The Stage


“Rachel Sampley's beautiful and atmospheric lighting design.”
Amy Mawer, The Crumb


"Thomas’s inner world is brought to life brilliantly through Rachel Sampley’s design. From starry beauty and graceful doves to the looming characters as Thomas voices their words – their faces are never clear as their sins and threats are what Thomas remembers – Sampley’s mesmerising projections and lighting, alongside inspired sound and music, add another facet to Thomas’s fracturing mind and create something extraordinary-"
Fairy Powered Productions 

"a celestial backdrop to heavenly fantasies that gain momentum with orbs floating majestically against the backdrop"
- Weekender

"The lights (Rachel Sampley)  sweeping the stage either in blue or red are perfect"
Richard Maguire, The Reviews Hub

"with some excellent lighting work by Rachel Sampley"

Chad Armstrong,

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